New Typeface in the works: Carolina - Hey Hanna James
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New Typeface in the works: Carolina

I’ve realized recently that I rarely, if ever, remember to update my blog—so I decided it’s time to rectify that!

I’m working on a new monoline script. This time, I’m trying a new process: digital calligraphy. It’s smoother, less handmade, but also a little harder to get right the first time. When I started my journey into typefaces, I started with messy, handmade brush scripts I could scan into the computer and trace in Illustrator. Now I’m cutting out part of that process, both to make it faster, and to create vector-perfect work.

Here’s a preview of my next font in Glyphs:



I’m thinking I’ll probably edit that uppercase C a bit—maybe make it dip beneath the baseline—and also do a few alternates for the often-used characters, like the lowercase a. I also need to figure out how to handle the lowercase r in a few letter combinations. But I’m looking forward to the challenge! There’s nothing I enjoy more than challenging myself in a new skill.

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