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I completely forgot to post that one of my Orphan Black concepts made it to the finalist round of the contest! They also posted my fanart online. You can see a video with my concept, the sheep mask + silhouettes, on the Orphan Black Facebook page.

It’s going to take some more tweaking, but I updated my old website design today. I’ve still got work to post, especially some graphic design/book cover stuff, but overall I’m happy with how it looks.

Website design is hard though. I’ve also removed some old blog posts that don’t fit the current image of my website, including old life posts about moving to New York, going to comedy clubs, performing improv, and being an assistant in television. Right now, my life is much more about freelance graphic design and writing.

More new on that front later. 🙂



Concept I came up with for the Orphan Black season 4 poster contest. I normally don’t do contests, but a) I love Orphan Black b) fan art is fun and c) the prize is $10,000. I enjoyed this concept, and I have one other that I’m working on as well.

Contests are stressful, though. No idea what the quality of the other entries might be like.