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I’ve realized recently that I rarely, if ever, remember to update my blog—so I decided it’s time to rectify that!

I’m working on a new monoline script. This time, I’m trying a new process: digital calligraphy. It’s smoother, less handmade, but also a little harder to get right the first time. When I started my journey into typefaces, I started with messy, handmade brush scripts I could scan into the computer and trace in Illustrator. Now I’m cutting out part of that process, both to make it faster, and to create vector-perfect work.

Here’s a preview of my next font in Glyphs:



I’m thinking I’ll probably edit that uppercase C a bit—maybe make it dip beneath the baseline—and also do a few alternates for the often-used characters, like the lowercase a. I also need to figure out how to handle the lowercase r in a few letter combinations. But I’m looking forward to the challenge! There’s nothing I enjoy more than challenging myself in a new skill.

I completely forgot to post that one of my Orphan Black concepts made it to the finalist round of the contest! They also posted my fanart online. You can see a video with my concept, the sheep mask + silhouettes, on the Orphan Black Facebook page.

It’s going to take some more tweaking, but I updated my old website design today. I’ve still got work to post, especially some graphic design/book cover stuff, but overall I’m happy with how it looks.

Website design is hard though. I’ve also removed some old blog posts that don’t fit the current image of my website, including old life posts about moving to New York, going to comedy clubs, performing improv, and being an assistant in television. Right now, my life is much more about freelance graphic design and writing.

More new on that front later. 🙂